So you’re thinking of getting financial advisors Perth to help manage your funds. The goal could be to retire in luxury, to build up a nest egg for emergencies, or just to make money. What matters is that you get the right one.

However, this is a challenge. Some folks might never realise if they got the wrong one. Some find the best partner possible by accident. It’s not all chance, though. Here, you’ll see the things to look out for to find the right financial advisors Perth for your needs.

First, look for a certified financial planner. This is a good indicator of credibility and professional competence, though it’s not a guarantee.

If you’re looking to narrow the list down, check for a CFP. After that, ask friends or colleagues about any experiences they’ve had. Look for reviews online – avoid the overly superlative, but instead focus on the ones that point both good and bad.

You can also look up the names online or with government agencies that regulate these matters.

You want to find a planner that has experience helping someone in your situation. This means that if you’re single with kids, you’ll want one that’s handled clients in the same boat. Making the most of the finances of a middle-aged middle management person is different from someone right out of college.

Another thing to consider is the pay structure involved.

You want to avoid anyone who works on a commission. These usually have an incentive to push you in specific directions. These incentives aren’t always in your best interest.

However, one that’s fee-based might also be wrong. If they’re earning 1% of your annual assets, they might discourage you from making certain moves like selling a big house. Yes, it’s the right move for you, but it’s also one that would make their fee smaller.

If you’re just starting out, find one that charges by the hour. These are best for when your needs are simple and often take the time to make sure your finances are in order. This is because they’re relying on your word of mouth to help build them up.

Sometimes, you might luck out and find someone who charges by the hour and prefers working with young or inexperienced clients. These tend to enjoy the challenge and the comparatively slower pace.

Finally, if they claim to be able to beat the market, walk away. Yes, Warren Buffet can do that, but most financial advisors and planners can’t. They say they can, but fail to live up to their words.

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