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First Home Buyers

Your first home is a huge investment. There’s no real way around that fact. Between the cost of the land, having it built, and the maintenance, it is an endeavour that may define your financial situation for years to come. It is essential, therefore, that you get the right home start.

If you are looking to get your first home, considering one in the city of Perth.

Perth is one of the fastest-growing cities in Western Australia. Due to a list of factors, the housing market in the city is only recently starting to pick up. While the prices are higher than neighbouring towns, it is still comparatively cheaper than in other cities.

The city is also known to be one of the most relaxed cities in WA. There is a sense of hospitality there that can be a great mood for someone raising a family or looking for a feeling of community. Even with the increasing hustle and bustle of the city, there are still plenty of quiet spots to be found.

If you’re looking for things like beaches, parks, and shopping, Perth is home to a menagerie of options. From premier shopping to some of the most breathtaking nature spots in WA, the city offers plenty of places.

Perth also has good weather. The city can get blisteringly hot, but there are many ways around it. Most of the year, the city has a comfortably warm climate when you’re in the indoors.


The rise of development in the city is a signal in an economic upturn. Perth is slowly coming back to life, with new jobs flocking to the city. New apartment blocks, new suburbs, and new jobs are joining an expanding public transportation network in revitalising the city.

For first time home buyers, you might also consider the differences between buying an established structure or having one built yourself. The choice has an enormous impact on your finances, and what you get.

An established home is cheaper on the surface because the hard work is already done. There is a standing structure, so there is no further need for an architect or design. The cost of construction is taken out of the equation.

Buying established homes is a good way to get into an older neighbourhood. For those looking to live in a particular part of Perth, this can be their ticket in. A little time spent navigating homebuyers centre reviews can give you an idea of what to look out for in any area.

However, there are other benefits to building your own home. Yes, there is an extra cost, and much more effort is required. By building, you get a home that is guaranteed to suit your tastes and needs. You have greater control and input, so you have more freedom and less need to compromise.

With help from the First Home Owners Grant WA, you can get extra cash in your pocket. Meant to encourage people to own homes and spur the construction industry, the money from the grant can ease some of the strain on your budget.

How much is the first home buyers grant? The grant only gives $3,000 when you are purchasing a pre-built structure. However, if you are looking to build your own home, you can get up to $10,000.

That money can be a huge difference maker in your decision-making process.

Other than FHOG WA, there are also other factors that can cut costs. You might be able to find a good land package, getting you a good deal on a place to build. We can also assist you in handling all the related fees, from applicable taxes and fees to the costly stamp duties.

We can help you get the perfect land or building package to suit your needs. Our services can also help you avoid stamp duty Perth.

We can connect you with builders and designers. Our contacts can help you make the most of your budget while giving you the design for your home that you’ve dreamed of for years. Our business is committed to helping you fulfil your dream of home ownership with minimal fuss.

One of our most popular pre-designed layouts is a three-bedroom home. It takes inspiration from life in the Mediterranean but updated to suit the needs of the modern age.

You get three bedrooms, a garage, two bathrooms – one of them ensuite. You also get an alfresco area, for outdoor entertainment. You get a lovely dining room, along with a living room and kitchen. In other words, you get all of the basics.

One variant of the design boasts a study and larder area. On the other hand, you can toss that out in exchange for a bigger master suite.

Each home comes with ceramic bases for taps, a chrome finish, and five-year warranties on the taps and LED lights. Everything is of the highest quality and built to last.

This pre-designed layout excels at creating a sense of relaxed living, an oasis of calm amidst the urban environment. It also provides plenty of space for a growing family, with rooms that can be repurposed with minimal renovation.

If neither is to your liking, don’t worry. We still have a range of possible alternatives, and we can put you in touch with a design team that will help. You can get the home of your dreams, with enough space for your current and future needs.

A house is both a home and investment. You might live there for the rest of your life, or you might be looking to sell it in the future and turn a profit. In both cases, it is imperative that you get started on the right foot by making the right choices.

Between navigating the FHOG WA and helping you pick out pre-designed layouts or making your own, we can assist you in making this crucial investment and home purchase. Don’t try to take on every detail yourself. Let us give you a hand, so everything goes right the first time.

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