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Many people have some unpleasant stories about divorces.

There are the custody battles over the children. The arguments over who gets what. There are stories of spouses hiring locksmiths to change the locks of the home just to spite the other part of the proceedings.

One of the biggest problems in divorce proceedings – and arguably the one with the most potential for a long-term impact – is financial. When it comes to matters of money, everything taken or lost during a divorce can lead to implications and repercussions.

Don’t let yourself get lost. During the proceedings, get a financial advisor from us to help you through.

We have specialized financial planners and experts that know how to handle divorces in Perth WA. They can help you get everything in order, as well as recover what was lost financially.

Let us help you navigate the financial aspects. We will also partner up with your attorneys, so the legal details are covered. This frees you up from dealing with these two practicalities, giving you more time to let yourself recover from the emotional impact.

The primary goal is for our independent financial adviser to make sure you understand things. With our help, you can make good decisions today and save yourself a hassle tomorrow.

We can help you navigate the tax implications of the legal proceedings. We can advise you on which assets would be better to pursue, given your situation.

Once the dust has settled, we can still help. You’ll need someone who can assist you in putting together a new cash flow structure. We can help you set up insurance, will, estates, and superannuation funds to get you on the road to financial independence.

A divorce planner and financial consultant can seem daunting. However, we assure you that we are here to help.


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