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Financial independence is not a one-and-done goal. Due to the nature of things, it is essential for a financial planner to be present beyond achieving the primary goal.

Investments, stocks, funds, and plans all needed to be kept going and maintained for someone to remain financially independent.

It is imperative that when a successful strategy allows someone a comfortable income, that plan gets upkeep. Changes in the market or financial world could cause that hard-earned freedom to fade. We believe that proper financial planning and service isn’t just long-term, but a lifetime commitment.

We provide a monthly review of all our strategies, for all of our clients. This allows us to keep you updated on all of your financial plays, as well as whether or not we are meeting objectives.

We offer a variety of options for analysis depth, based on your needs and preferences. You may want to have one that is more in-depth or one that is a more generalized analysis of your situation.

No review is conducted without a professional financial consultant in Perth on-hand to explain terms or to help you understand what is presented. They will also be present to provide advice, should there be a need to make changes to the current strategy or investment plan.


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