Investment property for sale in Perth can be tempting. The prices are currently low enough that they can be tempting, but with trends suggesting they’re not going to crash. As the city grows, investing in the area could become more profitable if one is willing to wait.

The government’s willingness to spend on new infrastructure is also helping drive prices up. Perth is expected to become a major investment hotspot. Some areas, in particular, may see double-digit capital growth, so investment property for sale there is keenly prized.

Just how does one identify the best suburbs and areas in Perth to invest in, however? There are some criteria to meet.

The first is to find an area where property development companies plan to invest, or are already investing. Historically speaking, companies like that have the resources to go deep into the research. Their data lets them decide where to spend or predict where high housing demand might occur.

Areas or districts that are becoming business-focused are also good areas to invest. As businesses move in, so do employees. Investing in apartment complexes and the like within easy reach of a business district is a smart move.

Look for transportation hubs. Properties near these facilities are always in high-demand because they promote accessibility. An area like Forrestfield, where the government plans to install a rail link to the airport, could become an investment hotspot once the projects are completed.

Midland is likely to accelerate, with public funding for a new medical school at Curtin University. The influx of students will be accompanied by a need for housing, businesses catering to their needs, and much more.

Other areas seeing this kind of potential growth are South Perth, Clarkson. Spearwood, and Kewdale. The prices are still low, but as the various projects and infrastructure approach completion, things can change.

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